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Luoyang Golden Egret Geotools Co., Ltd

Luoyang Golden Egret Geotools Co., Ltd


Luoyang Golden Egret Geotools Co., Ltd
About Us
Luoyang Golden Egret Geotools Co Ltd is a global leading hard facing materials manufacturer which supplies various surfacing materials include thermal spray powders thermal spray wires laser cladding powders PTA welding powders tungsten carbide welding rods and ropes Products have been delivered to more than thirty countries and we keep a strategic long term partnership with some famous enterprises in Europe and United States through OEM business Luoyang Golden Egret manufactures materials serve industries such as oil gas steel pape plastic power generation aviation and mining etc Stable premium quality in time customer service and best technical support are our advantages to establish...

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Thermal Spray Materails

Laser Cladding Powder

PTA Powder

Weld Materials

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WC BlendSS PowderCo PowderTBM cutterPTA Powdercutter ringWelding Bar316L PowderSpray WiresWelding RodHVOF PowderDisc Cutterglass mouldpump repairbond coatingWelding RopeWeld overlaySteel PowderMixed Powdervalve repairSS 420 PowderNickel PowderWelding Wirestunnel cutterCo Base AlloyBoride Powderanilox rollerShield cutterspray and fuseTC Welding RodAlloy 625 Wirelaser claddingShield Cutterspowder weldingturbine repairCo Base PowderTungsten ChipsInconel PowderBlended PowderWeld MaterialsNi Based PowderCGL Line PowderID-Spray powderMachinery PartsCobalt 6 PowderCarbide PelletsTungsten PowderHVOF PTA PowderCoating ServiceFlame Spray APSPDC bits repairstellite powderoil bits repairFe Alloy PowderSCTC Welding Rodcoating solutionSolid Spray WireStainless PowderHRC 60 Ni PowderNano WC for HVAFSS420 Spray WireCobalt 21 PowderBest Disc CutterCobalt 12 PowderFine WC 10Co 4CrWelding MaterialDisc Tbm CuttersAir Plasma SprayCo2 Welding WireLow Carbon PowderCTC SCTC CCP RopeIron Alloy PowderCoCrMo PTA PowderIrregular WC SizeSS316L Spray Wire309L Alloy PowderThermal Arc SprayArc Spray Coating5-25um in Fine WCHVOF with WC-17CoBest Welding RodsTungsten CarbidesWelding Rod PriceChrome Steel Wireanti wear coatingWelding Materialssteel roll repairmechanical repairTbm Shield CutterInconel 625 PowderAl2O3 3TiO2 PowderWelding ElectrodesInconel 718 PowderFe Base 253 PowderWelding Wire PriceNickel Base PowderWelding Wire C-276Coarse WC for HVOFThermal Spray WirePta Welding PowderArc Welding PowderNiAl955 Ni5Al WireRoller Disc CutterMetal Alloy PowderMarine part repairCenter Disc Cutterpaper roll coatingsteel roll coatingFlame Spray PowderIrregular Size SEMMetal Spray PowderDense Hard CoatingCobalt Alloy PowderRock Drilling ToolsSingle Disc CuttersFlame Spray CoatingTubular Welding RodPlasma Spray PowderNickel Alloy PowderMetal Spray CoatingNiC276 Alloy PowderNiCrFeMo Powder 625CoCrMo Alloy Powder6mm TC Welding Ropegas atomized powderWC Co Cr in Fine WCStainless Steel 431ARC Spray Wire 316LFe Base 309L PowderWC Flame Spray Wire6mm WC Welding RopeNi 21A Alloy PowderSteel Making RollerPlasma Transfer ArcVPS Tungsten PowderFe 253 Alloy PowderStainless Steel 420HVOF PTA Powder 316LPure Tungsten PowderThermal Spray PowderWC Grits Coarse SizeCobalt 21 PTA Powder309L Fe Alloy Powder6mm CTC Welding RopeNi Base Alloy PowderFe Base Alloy PowderHigh Hardness PowderCo Base Alloy Powder4mm CTC Welding RopeNi Based Welding BarHVOF APS ApplicationElectric Disc CutterNi-20Cr Alloy PowderFe 309L Alloy PowderFe 1200 Alloy PowderTungsten Welding RodNickel Boride PowderWC Co Cr in Nanno WCSS316 ARC Spray WireStainless Steel 316L5mm CTC Welding RopeHVOF APS with WC-6CoArc Spray Wire SS420SS420 ARC Spray WireTC Crush Welding RodPure Mo Spray PowderSS309 Wire ARC SprayARC Spray SS420 WireFE BASED ALLOY POWDER4mm CTC SCTC CCP RopePlasma Welding PowderCtc Sctc Welding RopeOxide Ceramics Powder5mm SCTC Welding RopeNiCrFeMo Alloy PowderStainless Steel SS420Chromium Oxide Powder4mm SCTC Welding RopeCTC-SCTC Welding RopeThermal Spray Coating316L Iron Based Alloyoxy-acetylene weldingHVOF HVAF Application6mm SCTC Welding RopeNickel Alloy 625 Wire2-10um Fine WC PowderNi20Al ARC Spray WireCobalt 6 Alloy PowderNI20Al Wire For Spray309LIron Alloy PowderLaser Cladding PowderNiCr8020 Alloy PowderRoller Steel Industry5-25um Fine WC PowderTungsten Metal PowderArc Spray Welding WireHRC 20 Ni Alloy PowderIron Based Alloy SS316Steel Industry CoatingFeCrBSiNi Alloy PowderStainless Welding WireHVOF PTA SS316L PowderDense Tungsten CarbideFeCrNiMoC Alloy PowderTungsten Carbide Chips97MXC Flame Spray WireWC Tubular Welding Rod15-45um Fine WC PowderChromium Boride Powder2-10um Powder for HVAFFine 15-45um WC PowderTungsten Carbide GritsFine WC in 5-30um SizeCo6 for Laser CladdingARC Spray Wire FeCrBSiCarbide Grits WC Co CrBlended Coating PowderDrill Bit Cutting DiscCutting Disc For DrillHigh Roughness Coatingcorrugated roll repair88WC 12Co in Medium WCIron Base Alloy Powder5-30um in Fine Size WCHigh Velocity Air FuelCobalt 21 Alloy PowderHRC 60 Ni Alloy PowderStainless Steel PowderIron Base SS316 PowderCobalt 12 Alloy Powder2-25um Medium WC PowderSS 316 Stainless PowderNi21A Base Alloy PowderChromium Carbide Powder20-63um Powder for HVOFIron Based Alloy Powder2-25um WC-12Co for HVAFHVAF Application PowderWC Blend with Ni PowderMedium Size WC for HVAFWC-12Ni 15-38um CoatingHigh Temperature PowderWC Co for Thermal SprayHard chrome replacement316L Thermal Spray WireInconel625 Alloy PowderWC Co Cr in 5-25um SizeHVOF for Steel IndustryNickel Based Alloy WireTungsten Carbide PowderFine 88WC 12Co for HVAFMolybdenum Spray PowderIron-Based Alloy PowderCobalt 6 Powder for PTATungsten Coating Powder16-45um Tungsten PowderThermal Spray MaterailsPTA Welding Blend PowderCobalt6 PTA Alloy PowderNickel Base Alloy PowderPTA Welding SS316 Powder15-38um Medium WC PowderWC-17Co Medium WC PowderHRC60 PTA Welding PowderWC-10Ni HVOF/HVAF PowderCobalt Base Alloy PowderFine WC Powder in 2-10umChromium Carbide CoatingInconel 718 Alloy PowderPTA Welding Alloy PowderNi Base 625 Alloy PowderInconel 718 Powder PriceWC-12Ni Tungsten CarbideSpray Wire FeCrBSi CoredWC-12Co Fine WC for HVOFStainless Steel Wire 309Nickel Inconel625 PowderCr2O3 Oxide Spray PowderWC Flexible Welding RopeFeCrBSi Alloy Cored WireNi Base PTA Alloy PowderStainless Steel Wire 316Tungsten Carbide CoatingCTC Welding Rope for 4mmPTA Metal Welding PowderNi Based Ctc Welding BarThermal Spray Powder 625Tungsten Carbide PelletsWC-13Co Crushed WC Grits5mm TC Crush Welding RodNi Based CTC Welding RodCemented Carbide PelletsSS309 Wire for ARC Spray309L Fe Base Alloy PowderWC-12Ni HVOF/HVAF CoatingNickel Based Alloy PowderSCTC Ni-based Welding RodSuper Fine Size WC PowderNickel 20%Chromium PowderCTC Flexible Welding RopeSFTC Ni-based Welding RodCoarse WC 12Co for Roller20-63um WC-12Co Medium WCCTC Flexible Rope for 6mmCobalt Based Alloy PowderPopular WC Powder in HVOFUrban pipe gallery cutterUrban rail transit cutterWC-13CO Irregular Size WCMo Splutter Target PowderNickel Aluminum Wire NiAlSpherical Mo Spray PowderIrregular Size WC for APSFine Size WC-Co-Cr PowderHigh Velocity Oxygen FuelGas Shielded Welding WireCo Powder for PTA WeldingAgglomerated and SinteredLASER CLADDING TECHNOLOGYself fluxing alloy powderSuper Fine WC Co for HVAF15-45um Irregular Size WCNi Base Alloy C276 PowderCCP CTC SCTC Welding RopeCTC-SCTC-CCP Welding Rope4mm CTC SCTC Welding RopeNi Base C276 Alloy PowderSctc Ni Based Welding Bar15-45um ZrO2 8Y2O3 PowderWC-13Co in APS Application6mm WC Tubular Welding Rodaerospace industry coatingW Powder Hard Metal PowderHigh Anti-corrosion PowderTungsten Carbide FragmentsNi Based Alloy Welding RodCr2O3 Powder Thermal SprayInconel 625 for PTA PowderPure Aluminum Oxide PowderNi Base PTA Welding Powder4mm WC Tubular Welding RodBlended PTA Welding PowderCopper Coated Wire ER70s-6PTA Welding Fe Base PowderNi Base Inconel 625 PowderCr2O3 Spray Powder 15-45umStainless Steel 420 PowderEasy for Coating PolishingStainless Steel 431 PowderPTA Welding Co Base PowderPTA Welding Ni Base PowderOil Gas Appication CoatingVacuum Plasma Spray PowderCTC WC Tubular Welding RodFlame Spray ARC Spray WireStainless Steel 316 PowderOil Gas Ball Valve CoatingIrregular Tungsten CarbidePTA Powder for Hard FacingNickel 20%Chromium PowdersAl2O3 3TiO2 Ceramic PowderAlumina 3 % Titania PowderStainless Steel Powder 431Nickel Alloy Powder 20-53umHVOF Spray Powder FeCrBSiNi88WC 12Co in Ultra Fine PSDStainless Steel 316L PowderStainless Steel Welding RodPTA Welding Co Alloy PowderAnit-wear WC-Co Welding RodPta Welding Ni Alloy Powder2-10um Super Fine 88WC 12CoTbm Hard Roller Disc CutterHVOF Spray Powder FeCrNiMoCGlass Mould Ni Alloy PowderAnti-wear WC-Co Welding RodOxide Ceramics Spray PowderCTC Mixed SCTC Welding Rope15-38um Pure Aluminum Oxide83WC 17Co for Thermal SprayNickel 20% Chromium PowdersNickel Alloy Wire HastelloyCr2O3 Thermal Spray PowdersHRC 60 Fe Base Alloy PowderZrO2 8Y2O3 Powder for SprayHRC 60 Fe 1200 Alloy PowderSteel Roller Coating in MoBNi-20Cr HVOF Powder 20-53umFe Alloy PTA Welding PowderInconel 718 for PTA WeldingInconel 625 for PTA WeldingPaper Making Roller CoatingBlend Laser Cladding PowderW-8Co Cemented Carbide ChipsStainless Steel Powder SS316Air Plasma Spray ApplicationFine WC Co for Thermal SprayVacuum Tungsten Spray PowderWC with Sintered and CrushedAPS Application with 15-53umChromium Carbide Powder HVAFNano Tungsten Carbide PowderAdvanced Nickel Alloy PowderCobalt 12 for Laser CladdingStainless Steel Welding WireAgglomerated Sintered Powder6mm WC Flexible Welding RopeStainless Steel Alloy PowderCobalt Laser Cladding Powdertungsten carbide welding rodFine Tungsten Carbide Powder4mm WC Flexible Welding RopeIron Base Pta Welding Powdercorrosion protection coatingWC-10Ni Thermal Spray PowderMIG/TIG Stainless Steel Wire5mm WC Flexible Welding RopeWC Base Laser Cladding PowderTungsten Spray Powder 15-45umWC-8Co Tungsten Carbide ChipsCTC SCTC Ni Based Welding BarLaser Cladding Co Base PowderDrill Pipe PTA Welding PowderCTC SCTC Ni Based Welding RodTungsten Carbide Alloy PelletSCTC Nickel Based Welding RodSS 316 Powder for PTA WeldingCTC-SCTC-CCP Welding Rope 5mm4mm CTC Flexible Welding RopeWC-17Co Fine WC for HVOF HVAFSpherical Cast WC Welding RodThermal Spray Powder NICrFeMoNickel Powder for PTA WeldingNiCrFeMo Alloy Powder 20-53umNickel Based Alloy Wire 1.6mm4mm Spherical TC Welding RopeCarbide Plasma Welding Powder15-38um Oxide Ceramics PowderCoating for Galvanized RollerRough Size Spherical MaterialHVOF Application with 15-53umCo Base Laser Cladding Powder5mm CTC and SCTC Welding Rope15-45um Oxide Ceramics Powder6mm CTC Flexible Welding Rope86WC10Co4Cr 5-30um in Fine WCCTC SCTC CCP Welding Rope 5mmhydraulic engineering coating5mm CTC SCTC CCP Welding RopeHigh Temperature Alloy Powder4mm SCTC CTC CCP Welding RopeCo Base Alloy for PTA WeldingCTC SCTC CCP Welding Rope 6mm15-45um Tungsten Spray Powder5mm CTC-SCTC-CCP Welding Rope5mm CTC Flexible Welding Rope4mm CTC SCTC CCP Welding RopeWC Carbide Pellet Welding RodHVOF Tungsten Carbide CoatingLaser Cladding Ni Base PowderIrregular Size WC for WC-17CoFine Tungsten Carbide for HVAFWear Resistance WC Welding RodHVOF HVAF with WC-12Co 15-38umChromium Oxide Ceramics PowderInconel 625 Thermal Spray WireBlended Powder for PTA WeldingTungsten Carbide with 17CobaltCo21 Powder for Laser CladdingInconel 718 Super ALloy Powder5mm SCTC Flexible Welding Rope4mm SCTC Flexible Welding RopeCo Alloy Laser Cladding PowderMedium Tungsten Carbide PowderNickel Aluminum Wire for SprayCTC SCTC Flexible Welding Rope6mm SCTC Flexible Welding RopeWC-6Co Cemented Carbide PelletCTC-SCTC Flexible Welding RopeIron Based Alloy SS306L PowderWC-17Ni 5-25um Tungsten CarbideWC-12Ni 5-25um Tungsten CarbideHigh Velocity Oxygen Fuel SprayWC-10Ni 5-30um Tungsten CarbideWC-17Ni 5-30um Tungsten CarbideFe Alloy Powder for PTA WeldingCentrifugal Casting ApplicationBlend Powder for Laser CladdingLaser Cladding Iron Base PowderCr3C2-10NiCr HVAF Powder 5-25umWC-12Ni 5-30um Tungsten CarbideNi Alloy Powder for PTA WeldingCCP WC-13Co Carbide Welding RodCCP TC-13Co Carbide Welding Rod5mm WC Carbide Grit Welding RodNano WC Powder 15-45um for HVOF5mm TC Carbide Grit Welding RodWC-8Co Grit Tubular Welding RodCTC Mixed SCTC Welding Rope 4mmIron Base Laser Cladding PowderHVOF PTA Stainless Steel PowderCTC Mixed SCTC Welding Rope 5mm5mm CTC Mixed SCTC Welding Rope6mm CTC Mixed SCTC Welding Rope6mm Anti-wear WC-Co Welding Rod5mm Anti-wear WC-Co Welding Rod6mm Anti-Wear WC-6Co Welding RodSpherical WC Tubualr Welding RodPTA Welding Ni Base Alloy PowderWC Flexible Welding Rope for 4mmAlumina 3 % Titania Spray PowderIron Base Stainless Steel PowderStainless Steel Iron Base PowderStainless Steel 431 Alloy Powder88tungsten Cabide with 12 CobaltCorrosion-resistant Steel Powder15 to 38um Fine Tungsten CarbideStainless Steel Alloy 431 Powder325-1000mesh for APS ApplicationWC-17Ni 15-45um Tungsten CarbideHigh Velocity Air Fuel WC PowderThermal Spray Powder HVAF PowderWC-10Ni 15-38um Tungsten CarbideWC-12Ni 15-45um Tungsten CarbideStainless Powder for PTA WeldingCobalt 21 HRC 28-40 Alloy Powder4mm WC-8Co Grit Tube Welding RodThermal Shock Resistance CoatingCr2O3 Oxide Thermal Spray PowderPTA Welding Fe Base Alloy PowderFe Base Powder for Drilling BitsRoller Coating Powder in Fine WCWC-17Ni 15-38um Tungsten Carbide431 Stainless Steel Alloy Powder1.6mm/3.2mm Nickel Aluminum WireYttria Stabilized Zirconia Powder6mm WC Carbide Pellet Welding RodMedium WC with 2-10um Powder SizeCoarse Crystalline WC Welding Rod4mm WC Carbide Pellet Welding RodTungsten Sputtering Target PowderCr2O3 Chromium Oxide Spray PowderNickel Self-flux Alloy Powder 6255mm WC Carbide Pellet Welding Rod4mm TC Carbide Pellet Welding Rod5-30um for Paper Industry CoatingWear Resistance WC-Co Welding RodAbrasion-proof PTA Welding PowderCrystalline Tungsten Spray PowderFeCrBSi Cored Wire ARC Spray WireMolybdenum Spray Powder SphericalCTC Flexible Welding Rope for 4mmPopular Fine WC for Thermal SprayWC-8Co Tungsten Carbide FragmentsIron-Based Alloy Powder FeCrNiMoCValve Steel Roller Coating PowderSuper Fine Powder for HVAF 2-10umPTA Welding Powder for HardfacingWC-6Co Pellet Tubular Welding RodCr3C2-WC-NiCoCr HVOF Spray Powder15-45um Grits for APS Application15-38um Al2O3 Thermal Spray PowderChromium Carbide HVOF Spray PowderAgglomerated and Sintered for HVAFCr3C2-NiCr-WC Thermal Spray PowderHRC 28-40 Cobalt Base Alloy PowderCTC SCTC Flexible Welding Rope 4mm12Co for Galvanized Roller CoatingCTC and SCTC Flexible Welding Rope5mm CTC-SCTC Flexible Welding Rope5mm CTC SCTC Flexible Welding RopeSintered and Crushed WC-17Co Grits15-45um Pure Aluminum Oxide Powder6mm CTC-SCTC Flexible Welding Rope6mm CTC SCTC Flexible Welding RopePlasma Transfer Arc Welding PowderCoarse Size for HVOF Thermal SprayMonocrystal WC Tubular Welding RodStainless Steel Spray Powder SS316ARC Spray Wire FeCrBSi 1.6mm/3.2mm4mm CTC SCTC Flexible Welding RopeCCP SCTC CTC Flexible Welding Rope5mm Wear Resistance WC Welding RodCTC CCP SCTC Flexible Welding RopeSCTC CTC CCP Flexible Welding RopeFe Alloy Powder for Laser CladdingTungsten Carbide Powder Cored WirePetroleum Parts PTA Welding PowderInconel 718 Powder for PTA WeldingChromium Carbide HVAF Spray PowderCast Tungsten Carbide Welding RopeCTC SCTC CCP Flexible Welding RopeTungsten Carbide Crush Welding RodIron Base PTA Welding Alloy PowderMIG/TIG Stainless Steel Wire SS309Stainless Wire 309 for Flame SpraySintered and Crushed WC-13Co Grits6mm Wear Resistance TC Welding Rod6mm Wear Resistance WC Welding RodCr3C2-30NiCr-7WC HVOF Spray Powder15-45um Al2O3 Thermal Spray PowderMedium Size Tungsten Carbide PowderChromium Carbide HVAF Powder 5-25umWC-21Cr3C2-6Ni Thermal Spray PowderHigh Temperature Ni Base 625 PowderWC-17Ni 5-25um Thermal Spray Powder4mm WC-8Co Grit Tubular Welding RodWC-10Ni 5-25um Thermal Spray PowderChromium Oxide Spray Powder 15-45umCr2O3 Oxide Ceramics Powder 15-45umCTC SCTC Ni-Based Alloy Welding BarHigh Temperature Inconel 718 PowderHigh Hardness Laser Cladding PowderHigh Velocity Air Fuel Spray PowderCentrifugal Casting in 325-1000meshHigh Temperature Inconel 625 PowderChromium Oxide Thermal Spray PowderWC-Co Mix Nickel Based Alloy PowderHigh Temperature Inconel 615 PowderOxide Ceramics Thermal Spray PowderWC-10Ni 5-30um Thermal Spray PowderBall Valve Tungsten Carbide CoatingWC-12Ni 5-30um Thermal Spray PowderWC-17Ni 5-30um Thermal Spray PowderWC-12Ni 5-25um Thermal Spray PowderPTA Welding Powder for Mining Repair6mm WC-Co Pellet Tubular Welding RodCast Tungsten Carbide Welding PowderContinuous Galvanized Roller CoatingNano Powder for Paper Making CoatingAgglomerated Sintered Medium Size WCStainless Steel Wire for Flame Spray15-38um Fine Tungsten Carbide PowderWC Cemented Carbide Grit Welding RodWC-12Ni 15-45um Thermal Spray PowderNi80Al20/NiAl8020 Thermal Spray WireWC-10Ni 15-38um Thermal Spray PowderCTC-SCTC Mixed with CCP Welding RopeWC-10Ni-5Cr 15-45um Tungsten Carbide5mm SC Tungsten Carbide Welding RopeCoCrMo High Temperature Alloy PowderWC-12Ni 15-38um Thermal Spray PowderWC-19Cr3C2-16Ni Thermal Spray Powder6mm SC Tungsten Carbide Welding RopePTA Welding Powder for Drilling PipeCr3C2-WC-NiCoCr Thermal Spray PowderWC-10Ni-5Cr 20-53um Tungsten CarbideInconel 625 Thermal Spray Wire 1.6mm309L Alloy Powder for Laser CladdingPTA Welding Powder for Shield CutterWC Co 88/12 in Agglomerated SinteredWC-17Ni 15-45um Thermal Spray PowderCoating is Better Than WC-Ni CoatingWC-17Ni 15-38um Thermal Spray Powder5mm Coarse Crystalline WC Welding RodNickel Molybdenum Chromium Alloy WireNickel Self-flux Alloy Powder 15-45umWC-12Ni 45-150um Thermal Spray PowderStainless Steel Laser Cladding Powder6mm WC-6Co Pellet Tubular Welding RodChromium Carbide Thermal Spray PowderMolybdenum Sputtering Target Material4mm WC-6Co Pellet Tubular Welding Rod5mm WC-6Co Pellet Tubular Welding Rod5mm Wear Resistance WC-Co Welding RodNi Base High Temperature Alloy PowderWC-WB-CoNiCr 15-45um Tungsten CarbideWC-6o and TC-13Co Carbide Welding Rod4mm Wear Resistance WC-Co Welding RodWC-WB-CoNiCr 10-30um Tungsten Carbide6mm Wear Resistance WC-Co Welding RodCr3C2-20NiCr HVAF Spray Powder 5-25umPlasma Transferred Arc Welding PowderCr3C2-25NiCr HVOF Spray Powder 20-53umCr3C2-25NiCr HVOF Spray Powder 15-38umPlasma Welding Powder for Oil IndustryCr3C2-20NiCr HVOF Spray Powder 15-45umWC-10Ni 5-25um Tungsten Carbide PowderCr3c2-25NiCr HVOF Spray Powder 15-45umNickel Self-flux Alloy Powder NICrFeMo5mm Tungsten Carbide Crush Welding RodNickel Self-flux Alloy Powder NiCr802015-38um Aluminum Oxide Ceramics PowderCTC-SCTC Flexible Welding Rope for 4mmCTC-SCTC-CCP 6mm Flexible Welding Rope4mm Tungsten Carbide Crush Welding RodPTA Welding Powder Oil Sand ExtractionPTA Welding Powder for Wear Resistance4mm Monocrystal WC Tubular Welding RodCr3C2-10NiCr HVOF Spray Powder 15-45umAluminum Oxide Ceramics Powder 15-45umWC-20Cr3C2-11NiMo Thermal Spray PowderWC-20Cr3C2-7Ni 5-25um Tungsten CarbideWC-21Cr3C2-6Ni 5-30um Tungsten CarbideWC-21Cr3C2-6Ni 5-25um Tungsten CarbideWC-20Cr3C2-7Ni 5-30um Tungsten CarbidePlasma Transferred Arc Welding PowdersPTA Welding Powders for Petroleum PipeWC-19Cr3C2-16Ni 5-25um Tungsten CarbideSpherical Tungsten Carbide Welding RopeCTC Nickel Alloy Blended Welding PowderWC-20Cr3C2-7Ni 15-45um Tungsten CarbideWC-19Cr3C2-16Ni 5-30um Tungsten CarbidePure Single-Crystalline Tungsten PowderPTA Welding Powder for Mining MachinerySFTC Plasma Transfer Arc Welding PowderWC-8Co Cemented Carbide Chips 1.5-5.0mmWC-9Co-5Cr-1Ni 15-38um Tungsten CarbideWC-8Co Tungsten Carbide Chips 1.5-5.0mmWC-8Co Tungsten Carbide Chips 3.2-6.0mmWC-20Cr3C2-7Ni 15-38um Tungsten CarbideWC-8Co Cemented Carbide Grits 3.2-6.0mmWC-20Cr3C2-7Ni 20-53um Tungsten CarbideCobalt Base Laser Cladding Alloy PowderNickel Chromium Powder for Base CoaitngWC-9Co-5Cr-1Ni 15-53um Tungsten CarbideWC-9Co-5Cr-1Ni 15-45um Tungsten CarbideWC-21Cr3C2-6Ni 20-53um Tungsten CarbideWC-6Co Cemented Carbide Pellets 15-53umHigh Velocity Oxygen Fuel Spray PowdersWC-10Ni 15-45um Tungsten Carbide PowderCobalt 21 High Temperature Alloy PowderWC-WB-CoNiCr 15-45 Thermal Spray PowderWC-21Cr3C2-6Ni 15-38um Tungsten CarbideWC-21Cr3C2-6Ni 15-45um Tungsten CarbideWC-8Co Tungsten Carbide Chips 4.8-8.0mm20-40mesh WC-6Co Cemented Carbide PelletWC-10Ni-5Cr 20-53um Thermal Spray PowderCast Tungsten Carbide PTA Welding PowderWC-8Co Tungsten Carbide Chips 5.0-10.0mmFine WC12Co in Agglomerated and Sintered15-45um WC-17Co in Agglomerated SinteredWC-8Co Cemented Carbide Chips 5.0-10.0mmCr3C2-25NiCr Thermal Spray Powder 5-25umWC-10Ni-5Cr 15-45um Thermal Spray PowderCr3C2-25NiCr Thermal Spray Powder 5-30umPlasma Transfer Arc Welding Mixed PowderPetroleum Centralizer PTA Welding PowderWC-17Ni 5-30um Thermal Spray HVOF PowderWC-17Ni 5-25um Thermal Spray HVOF PowderWC6Co Tungsten Carbide Pellet for WeldingWC-WB-CoNiCr 10-30um Thermal Spray Powder15-45um Yttria Stabilized Zirconia PowderImpact Wear Resistance PTA Welding PowderThermal Spray Crystalline Tungsten Powder15-38um Yttria Stabilized Zirconia PowderWC-17Ni 15-45um Thermal Spray HVOF PowderCobalt Base High Temperature Alloy PowderWC-20Cr3C2-11NiMo 5-30um Tungsten CarbideChromium Carbide HVAF Spray Powder 5-30umWC-20Cr3C2-11NiMo 5-25um Tungsten CarbideWC-17Ni 15-38um Thermal Spray HVOF PowderPTA Welding Powder for Petroleum DrillingChromium Carbide HVAF Spray Powder 5-25umWC-6Co Cemented Carbide Pellets 425-600umWC-19Cr3C2-16Ni Thermal Spray HVOF PowderChromium Carbide Powder For Thermal SprayCr3C2-WC-NiCoCr Thermal Spray Powder HVAFWC-21Cr3C2-6Ni 5-25um Thermal Spray PowderWC6Co Tungsten Carbide Pellets for WeldingWC-20Cr3C2-7Ni 5-25um Thermal Spray PowderWC-20Cr3C2-7Ni 5-30um Thermal Spray PowderPTA Powder for Hard-facing Wear ResistanceChromium Carbide HVOF Spray Powder 15-45umWC-20Cr3C2-11NiMo 15-45um Tungsten CarbidePlasma Transfer Arc Welding Blended PowderWC-21Cr3C2-6Ni 5-30um Thermal Spray PowderCr3C2-30NiCr-7WC HVOF Spray Powder 20-53umWC-20Cr3C2-11NiMo 15-38um Tungsten CarbideChromium Carbide HVOF Spray Powder 20-53umTungsten Carbide Powder HVOF Thermal SprayCr2O3 Chromium Oxide Thermal Spray PowdersChromium Carbide HVOF Spray Powder 15-38umWC-21Cr3C2-6Ni 15-38um Thermal Spray PowderSintered and Crushed Tungsten Carbide GritsAbrasion Wear Resistance PTA Welding PowderCr3C2-WC-18NiCoCr Thermal Spray Powder HVOFWC-21Cr3C2-6Ni 20-53um Thermal Spray PowderWC-20Cr3C2-7Ni 20-53um Thermal Spray PowderWC-20Cr3C2-7Ni 15-45um Thermal Spray PowderWC-9Co-5Cr-1Ni 15-38um Thermal Spray PowderWC-20Cr3C2-7Ni 15-38um Thermal Spray PowderSpherical WC Welding Powder for Hard-facingCast Tungsten Carbide Plasma Welding PowderWC-9Co-5Cr-1Ni 15-45um Thermal Spray PowderWC-19Cr3C2-16Ni 5-25um Thermal Spray PowderWC-20Cr3C2-11NiMo 5-30um Thermal Spray HVOFTungsten Carbide Blended PTA Welding Powder75/25 Chromium Carbide Thermal Spray PowderWC-6Co Cemented Carbide Pellets for WeldingWC-6Co Spray Powder for Centrifugal CastingWC-19Cr3C2-16Ni 5-30um Thermal Spray PowderPTA Welding Powder for Petroleum ExtractionWC-9Co-5Cr-1Ni 15-53um Thermal Spray PowderWC-8Co Tungsten Carbide Fragments 1.5-5.0mmWC-8Co Tungsten Carbide Fragments 4.8-8.0mmWC-6Co Tungsten Carbide Pellets for WeldingWC-8Co Tungsten Carbide Fragments 3.2-6.0mmHigh Abrasion Resistance PTA Welding PowderWC-10Ni 5-25umThermal Spray HVOF/HVAF PowderPTA Welding Powder for Petroleum CentralizerWC-19Cr3C2-16Ni 15-45um Thermal Spray PowderHigher Hardness Chromium Carbide HVOF PowderCarbide Powder for Hard Chromium ReplacementWC-10Ni-5Cr 20-53umThermal Spray HVOF PowderWC-8Co Tungsten Carbide Fragments 5.0-10.0mmCr3C2-WC-NiCoCr Chromium Carbide HVAF PowderChromium Carbide Thermal Spray Powder 5-30umCast Tungsten Carbide Blended Welding PowderCr3C2-37WC-18NiCoCr HVAF Spray Powder 5-30umPetroleum Machinery Parts PTA Welding PowderWC-12Ni 5-30umThermal Spray HVOF/HVAF PowderCr3C2-37WC-18NiCoCr HVAF Spray Powder 5-25umChromium Carbide Thermal Spray Powder 5-25umChromium Carbide Powder Good Wear ResistanceWC-20Cr3C2-11NiMo 15-45um Thermal Spray HVOFWC6Co Tungsten Carbide Pellet for HardfacingWC6Co Tungsten Carbide Pellets for HardfacingCr3C2-37WC-18NiCoCr HVOF Spray Powder 20-53umChromium Carbide Thermal Spray Powder 20-53umChromium Carbide Powder Cr3C2-10NiCr for HVOFChromium Carbide Powder Cr3C2-10NiCr for HVAFCr3C2-37WC-18NiCoCr HVOF Spray Powder 15-38umWC-19Cr3C2-16Ni 15-38 Um Thermal Spray PowderCr3C2-37WC-18NiCoCr HVOF Spray Powder 15-45umChromium Carbide Thermal Spray Powder 15-45umWC-20Cr3C2-11NiMo 5-30um Thermal Spray PowderWC-6Co Cemented Carbide Pellet for HardfacingWC-20Cr3C2-11NiMo 5-25um Thermal Spray PowderWC-12Ni 5-25um Thermal Spray HVOF/HVAF PowderWC-8Co Tungsten Carbide Grits Wear ResistanceWC-10Ni 5-30um Thermal Spray HVOF/HVAF PowderCarbide Plasma Transferred Arc Welding PowderPTA Welding Powder for Petrochemical IndustryWC-20Cr3C2-11NiMo 15-45um Thermal Spray PowderWC-WB-CoNiCr 15-45um Thermal Spray HVOF PowderWC-19Cr3C2-16Ni Thermal Spray HVOF/HVAF PowderWC-20Cr3C2-11NiMo 15-38um Thermal Spray PowderWC-20Cr3C2-7Ni 15-45um Thermal Spray HVOF/HVAFWC-WB-CoNiCr 10-30um Thermal Spray HVOF PowderNickel Self-flux Alloy Powder NICrFeMo 20-53umWC-12Ni 15-45um Thermal Spray HVOF/HVAF PowderWC-6Co Tungsten Carbide Pellets for HardfacingWC-10Ni 15-38um Thermal Spray HVOF/HVAF PowderWC-21Cr3C2-6Ni 5-30um Thermal Spray HVOF PowderWC-21Cr3C2-6Ni 5-25um Thermal Spray HVOF PowderWC-20Cr3C2-7Ni 5-30um Thermal Spray HVOF PowderWC-20Cr3C2-7Ni 5-25um Thermal Spray HVOF PowderSpherical Tungsten Carbide PTA Welding MaterialWC-19Cr3C2-16Ni 15-45um Tungsten Carbide PowderWC-9Co-5Cr-1Ni 15-53um Thermal Spray HVOF PowderCr3C2-37WC-18NiCoCr Chromiun Carbide Powder HVAFWC-9Co-5Cr-1Ni 15-38um Thermal Spray HVOF PowderWC-19Cr3C2-16Ni 5-25um Thermal Spray HVOF PowderWC-9Co-5Cr-1Ni 15-45um Thermal Spray HVOF PowderWC-19Cr3C2-16Ni 5-30um Thermal Spray HVOF PowderWC-21Cr3C2-6Ni 15-45um Thermal Spray HVOF PowderWC-21Cr3C2-6Ni 20-53um Thermal Spray HVOF PowderCr3C2-20NiCr Chromium Carbide HVAF Powder 5-30umWC-20Cr3C2-7Ni 15-38um Thermal Spray HVOF PowderCr3C2-WC-NiCoCr High Velocity Oxygen Fuel PowderWC-21Cr3C2-6Ni 15-38um Thermal Spray HVOF PowderSpherical Tungsten Carbide Plasma Welding PowderWC-20Cr3C2-7Ni 20-53um Thermal Spray HVOF PowderCr3C2-37WC-18NiCoCr Chromium Carbide HVAF PowderSpherical Tungsten Carbide Flexible Welding RopeChromium Carbide Powder Hard-Chromium ReplacementChromium Carbide Powder Hard Chromium ReplacementCr3C2-20NiCr Chromium Carbide Spray Powder 5-30umWC-10Ni-5Cr 15-45um Thermal Spray HVOF/HVAF PowderWC-20Cr3C2-11NiMo 5-25um Thermal Spray HVOF Powder
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